BuCL celebrates National Book Week

When I arrived at BuCL’s Book Week celebration, I was amazed to discover that Deborah and a few female relatives were in the middle of preparing a meal to feed over 150 guests. The generosity of this gesture (as money for this was not included in their Book Week budget), was just incredible.

Feeding this many people took hours. People were served in age groups, beginning with the smallest children, and dishes had to be washed and rotated many times between servings. For many of the children, this event is likely one of a handful to times they will have eaten meat this year. They all appeared to enjoy the food – massive amounts of posho, rice, matooke, beans and meat.

A local music and dance group performed throughout the meal. They were fabulous, and their performance was very well received. Afterward, John Waibi-Walubi, the library’s director, gave a speech on the role of the library and its importance in the community. It was a wonderful chance to speak directly to the parents of the library’s primary users (who are mostly school-aged children). The parents then had a chance to tour the library, to listen to a few more speeches, and to see their children perform songs, drama, and poetry readings.

It was nightfall before people began to leave, and I believe this event will have greatly promoted the library in the community. We hope that this will result in an increased number of library patrons regularly using BuCL’s resources.

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