Arts and crafts at the library

Thursday evenings at BuCL now include a children’s arts and crafts session. Our librarian and assistant are experimenting with a number of craft ideas, some traditional, some not, and last week they decided to test out rope making with banana fiber.

To prepare for this session, all we had to do was cut down a few armfuls of banana fiber from some nearby trees. The banana fiber was soaked in water for a few hours, and then cut into strips. Many of the older children already knew exactly what to do, while the younger ones required a bit of guidance. Their fingers deftly worked the banana fiber into strong, tight ropes. You could tell that they took serious pride in their workmanship.

After the ropes were finished, it was game time! The children were very surprised to see that a muzungu could skip. I guess they didn’t realize that people jump rope all over the world!

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