Bunalwenhi receives three boxes of books from Book Aid International!

Bunalwenhi Community Library’s collection of books grew substantially this month! Three boxes from Book Aid International, distributed by Uganda National Library, contained 377 books of many genres and age levels. These books will be especially useful for mobile library sessions and reading club activities!

A few other notable events:

Summer Holiday Reading Program: May’s monthly report highlighted the success of the summer holiday reading program. With 344 visits in a three week period, our librarian and library assistant certainly had their hands full! The holiday reading program included story-time sessions, educational games, spelling, vocabulary, colouring and singing. With so many children to entertain, a lack of sufficient space and furniture was definitely an issue. The library will be purchasing locally made mats to maximize floor space inside, and so that certain activities can be moved outside.

Door-to-door Awareness Campaign: 10 local households were visited by the librarian and assistant. These visits allow the library to inform Bunalwenhi residents of services and programs. They also allow the library staff to gauge how the community perceives the library, and to clarify the library’s role when needed. This is extremely important as the local language does not contain the word ‘library’, and people don’t necessarily understand that everyone is welcome to use the library’s resources!

Community Library Workshop: The library director, librarian and assistant attended a workshop on the role of community libraries in the development of rural communities. This workshop was organized by the Uganda Community Libraries Association and included topics such as; adult literacy initiatives, supporting local cultural and social activities such as story-telling and drama, complementing the school curriculum through provision of appropriate reading materials, supporting health, environmental and civic activities, and much more. There are so many areas in which community libraries can support rural development initiatives!


















We would like to thank everyone for the generous donations we have received this month. These donations are vital to the library’s continued success! We are so grateful!



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One response to “Bunalwenhi receives three boxes of books from Book Aid International!

  1. Kamya John

    We are so excited about your donations, we are growing and building capacity to serve the community of Bunalwenhi! thank you so much!

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