Local primary schools appreciate library programs!

It’s always wonderful to hear feedback from our wonderful librarian, Kamya John. He keeps us up to date on how the library’s programs are running, sending us monthly reports and lovely personal emails. The most recent email we received contained pictures of the children enjoying themselves at the library, as well as letters written to BuCL from the teacher coordinators of our primary school reading clubs.

This feedback allows us to see ensure that the library’s programs are supporting the children’s education in the best possible way. Since the library aims to address some of the weaknesses of the formal education system, most importantly a lack of access to books and educational materials, it is so important that the relationships we build with local teachers and schools are positive. So far it seems that the teachers are excited to partner with us!

A letter from the Reading Club coordinator at Naitandu Primary School.

On behalf of Naitandu Primary School, we would like to send our sincere thanks to Bunalwenhi Community Library board members for the wonderful work and commitment they have shown us.

We pray that the almighty God reward you abundantly. As Naitandu Primary School, the following have been observed about mobile library:

1. Sense of sharing

The children have developed a sense of sharing with their friends which was not common previously. The mobile library has helped to build in the pupils how to share with others. For that culture of sharing, we appreciate.

2. Improving the children’s ability to read texts

Through mobile library, the children have improved in reading stories. We appreciate as a school as well as the pupils.

3. Love and care.

The children have developed a good spirit of love and caring through the mobile library. If the children are given books to read, they take much responsibility of caring about the books without destroying them.


On behalf of the children, we request for provision of enough reading materials to meet the population of the children. We also request the mobile library members to organise reading competitions at schools where we can give gifts to the winners. This will help(the children) to improve and learners love to read texts without forcing them


On behalf of the school administration and the children, we appreciate Mr.Waibi the founder of Bunalwenhi Community Library for the love of your people and remembering them by starting up this program of mobile library

We pray that the almighty father reward you abundantly.

Mr.Isiko Elifazi,

(Mr. Isiko Elifazi is a Bunalwenhi Community Library member, he teaches at Naitandu Primary School)

As always, donations are very welcome! If you would like to sponsor a reading contest in a school or provide a grant for the library to purchase new books, please visit our temporary website to donate: http://www.bunalwenhicommunitylibrary.yolasite.com

Thank you for your support!

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