Our library needs your support!

The Bunalwenhi Community Library is located in a rural village in the Iganga District of Uganda. We service a very poor and remote community with little access to reading materials or information services. Bunalwenhi does not currently have electricity or internet access, and the library is the first building in the community with solar-powered lighting.

Uganda’s Universal Primary Education (UPE) program has provided the opportunity for many of the thousands of children in Bunalwenhi to attend local primary schools. Unfortunately, these schools have extremely limited resources and class sizes often exceed seventy students. The students themselves have few or no textbooks, notebooks, or even pencils. As a result, children in the community do not perform well on national exams due to their low level of literacy, and often fail to continue on to secondary school.

Thanks to your support, the Bunalwenhi Community Library has begun to receive funding and book donations, and has started to provide mobile library services to local schools. We have recently opened our doors to the public, offering a children’s holiday program, and will begin expanding our services to other members in the community as resources become available.

Please continue to follow our progress during this exciting time!

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